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JanusPro® is an inherently flame retardant collection that offers protection for industrial workers, according to the requirements of ISO 11612: 2008. All garments in JanusPro® collection are made of merino wool or cotton blended with a modacrylic flame retardant fibre (ProtexM) that guarantees a permanent flame retardant effect throughout the garment's lifetime. The materials of the garments are inherent and have no need to undergo any chemical treatment to get their flame retardant effect. The garments are certified according to Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 Class II, which ensures that the garments do not contain any harmful substances that can affect man or the environment.

The JanusPro collection is available in the following sizes: XS-3XL.


Multi-Protective garments

JanusPro Antiflame Extra and JanusPro Antiflame Plus also meets the requirements for protection against electric arc EN 61482-1-2 Class 1 and antistatic protection to EN 1149-5. These products are manufactured in three different fibre: Merino wool, ProtexM ® and No-Shock ® antistatic fibre.

These protective garments should be used in combination with other anti-static garments that meets the requirements of EN1149-5. User of antistatic protective clothing must be earthed via the appropriate footwear that meets the requirements of EN ISO 20344 or EN 20345 where the resistance between the user and the earth shall be less than108 Ω.

Anti-static protective clothing shall not be open or taken off near flammable or explosive substances. Anti-static protective clothing should not be used in oxygen-enriched air without the approval of the responsible safety engineer. The antistatic effect may be affected by wear, washing and dirt.


Janusfabrikken AS 

N- 5267 Espeland


+47 55 53 58 00

Notified Body:

West Yorkshire Materials Testing Service

PO Box 5

Nepshaw Lane South, Morley 

Leeds LS 27 0QP UK

Notified Body No: 2019






2838 Regular Cotton 


4432 Regular Wool


4451 Extra


4404 Plus

  1. A - limited flame spread - requirements

- no flaming at the top or edge

- no melting or flaming or molten 


- afterflame / afterglow shall be less

then 2 s

  1. B - Convective heat

B1 = 4,0 < 10,0 s

B2 = 10,0 < 20,0 s

B3 = 20,0 s

B3 offers the highest protection level

  1. C - Radiant heat

C1 = 7,0 < 20,0 s

C2 = 20,0 < 50,0 s

C3 = 50,0 < 95,0 s

C4 = 95,0 s

C4 offers the highest protection level

Class 1 Arc thermal resistance = 4 kA -

500 ms

Class 2 Arc thermal resistance = 7kA - 500


Class 2 offers the highest protection level.



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